Day 270 of 365 Days of Song


Day 270 – Guided by Voices – Teenage FBI

Still rockin’ out to the Buffy Soundtrack…

There is no reason I guess
Having at once gone too far
When you clean out the hive
Does it make you want to cry?

Are you still being followed
By the teenage FBI


Day 269 of 365 Days of Song


Day 269 – Hepburn – I Quit

Enjoying the Buffy The Vampire Slayer Soundtrack all over again.

I got my hands dirty while you rolled cigarettes
With one eye on the time
I tried my hardest, I’ve been conscientious
But I’m taking back that heart of mine
You can’t roll me ’round your tongue no more, baby

Day 104 of 365 Days of Song


Day 104 – Ray LaMontagne – Without Words

I caught attention of this song when my buddy, Sue, dragged me to to watch The Fault in Our Stars at the cinema when it came out. These scene that has thing song really touched me. A beautiful song.

Not all of life is cruel
Not all of life is so untrue
Not all of life is so untrue

I can hear the morning birds
So light up on the branches
And each in turn
They sing of all God’s praises
Yes, without words
Without words

Without words