Day 271 of 365 Days of Song

Day 271 – Garbage – I Think I’m Paranoid

A blast from the late 90s past; great song to mosh out to…

Steal me, deal me, anyway you heal me 
Maim me, tame me, you can never change me 
Love me, like me, come ahead and fight me 
Please me, tease me, go ahead and leave me



Day 270 of 365 Days of Song


Day 270 – Guided by Voices – Teenage FBI

Still rockin’ out to the Buffy Soundtrack…

There is no reason I guess
Having at once gone too far
When you clean out the hive
Does it make you want to cry?

Are you still being followed
By the teenage FBI

Day 268 of 365 Days of Song


Day 268 – Chromatics – Shadow

Loved this when I first heard it on the first episode of Twin Peaks: The Return. The vibe it gives off is incredible.

At night I’m driving in your car
Pretending that we’ll leave this town
We’re watching all the street lights fade
And now you’re just a stranger’s dream
I took your picture from the frame
And now you’re nothing like you seem
Your shadow fell like last night’s rain

Day 262 of 365 Days of Song

Day 262 – Bryan Adams (with Mel C) – When You’re Gone

Came on the radio today; the only Bryan Adams song I like (really)!

This is torture, this is pain, it feels like I’m gonna go insane
I hope you’re coming back real soon ’cause I don’t know what to do

Baby when you’re gone (when you’re gone), I realize I’m in love
Days go on and on (on and on), and the nights just seem so long
Even food don’t taste that good, drink ain’t doing what it should
Things just feel so wrong, baby when you’re gone