Day 256 of 365 Days of Song

Day 256 – Ween – Even if you Don’t 

This was my first experience of Ween when it appeared on MTv one afternoon in the early noughties. Cool video too.

I’m goin’ crazy trying to keep you sane
Takin’ my prescriptions, forging my name
I was happy this morning, ya finally got yourself dressed, eatin all the bacon
Its okay i was still impressed



Day 255 of 365 Days of Song


Day 255 – Hans Zimmer – The Village (from The Thin Red Line)

Composer Hans Zimmer makes this film even more epic with his marvelous blend of beautiful and horrific themes throughout.

Day 254 of 365 Days of Song

Day 254 – Patti Smith – Elegie

Celebrating National Poetry Day with one of legendary poetess, Patti Smith.

I just don’t know what to do tonight,
My head is aching as I drink and breathe
Memory falls like cream in my bones, moving on my own.

There must be something I can dream tonight,
The air is filled with the moves of you,
All the fire is frozen yet still I have the will, ooh, ah.

Trumpets, violins, I hear them in the distance
And my skin emits a ray, but I think it’s sad, it’s much too bad
That our friends can’t be with us today.